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    Hello every one - we are planing to go on a roadtrip from Boise to Yosemite(July 4 long weekend ) .
    Please give us some pointers on which route to take and what are the places to visit on the way .
    Ps : we have a one year old on our trip

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    Even if the Fourth of July holiday weekend were exceptionally long (as it will be in 2017), four full days, still isn't really long enough to make a round trip from Boise to Yosemite and back a pleasurable experience. At5 600 miles and by the time you factor in the fact that much of it will be on two-lane, non-freeway roads, and the needs of an infant, and the holiday traffic, you will absolutely need to stop for the night before you get to Yosemite, and again on the way home. That means that at most you can have one night in (or near) Yosemite. Now, July fourth weekend is probably some of the busiest days of the year at Yosemite, meaning the roads and trails will be packed, the parking areas jammed, and conditions generally will not be conducive to enjoying the park, certainly not to communing with nature. And if you only have three days, you'll basically have time to drive to Yosemite, pay your entrance fee, turn around, and drive home.

    Any time spent at sites along the way, no matter how appealing, will necessarily mean even less time in Yosemite, to the point where one has to ask, as billboards did during WWII: "Is this trip really necessary?"


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