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    I am planning a road trip next July, from Vegas -> Yosemite -> Lake Tahoe -> Napa -> SF -> LA -> Gran Canyon -> Vegas.

    The plan is to do everything in 17 days, lots of sightseeing, no hurry:

    - Arrive at Vegas - July 2th
    - Vegas to Yosemite (Death Valley, Tioga Pass)
    - Yosemite to Lake Tahoe
    - Lake Tahoe to Sacramento
    - Sacramento to Napa Valley
    - Napa Valley to San Francisco
    - San Francisco to Los Angeles (Highway 1)
    - Los Angeles to Grand Canyon
    - Grand Canyon to Las Vegas

    Dois this itinerary make sense?

    I am still planning the stops... Any tips?

    What car should I rent? A SUV would be fine?

    Any suggestions are welcome! :)


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    Welcome to RTA!

    Your trip looks mostly good on paper. What I'd start to do now is get the maps out, make out a day-to-day sketch. If planning on the 4th of July holiday in Las Vegas, get reservations! It's a popular place!

    As far as car rental is concerned: how many people are traveling? An SUV is usually higher priced than a regular 4-door sedan.

    SF to LA - you should plan on at least 2 days for that part of the trip, as it's very slow going. Good that you've already planned on it being southbound, as that's putting the scenic pullouts on your side of the road!

    LA to Grand Canyon - depending on how the day-to-day structure works, you may be able to drive through Joshua Tree National Park (north of Palm Springs area). "Weird trees" are the highlights here, as well as lots of climb-able boulders.

    Grand Canyon to LV - Hoover Dam is worth at least a short stop.


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    Default Looks good.

    Your itinerary makes perfect sense and will make a relaxed trip with the time you have. A mid size sedan will do the job just fine and will be more budget friendly, but if you want an SUV in particular, go for it.

    You ask for suggestions. Have you looked at Southern Utah at all ? From Grand canyon you could drive to Monument valley, head through Page AZ [lots to see] and head to Zion NP. [possibly including Bryce canyon] before heading back to Vegas. Now that might become a little rushed for you to include everything, but for me I would choose Bryce and Zion over Tahoe and Sacramento. That doesn't mean it's right for you, but it's worth checking out if you haven't already.

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