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    Default Two Retired Ladies Planning a Trip from Chicago to Denver

    My mom and her friend are planning a roadtrip this summer from Chicago to Denver. I've seen solid arguments for both I80 through Nebraska and I70 through Kansas. These ladies will want to stop overnight at around the midpoint on either route. Any great suggestions in the Lincoln area or the KC area for a couple of active gals in their senior years? I appreciate any and all help!

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    Default Timiing is the Deciding Factor

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    If the ladies only have two days, then I would suggest that they use I-80 rather than I-70. While either route could be driven in two days, the I-70 route (assuming they stay on the Interstates and go through St. Louis) would require a full two days on the road, with only minimal time for rest and meal breaks. Taking I-80, even using the toll route I-88 across northern Illinois, would cut a couple of hours off that drive time and allow them to set a somewhat more relaxed pace. Also there are several historic landmarks along the Platte River/old Oregon Trail in western Nebraska that would give the a nice opportunity to get out of the car for a bit. Their overnight stop would then be on the far southwest side of Omaha


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    Default A present for Mom.

    As well as passing on the good advice above, why don't you get them a good map of the States through which they will trave, or a road atlas. This can be turned into a great trip souvenir, especially if they note on it where they stopped, ate, stayed, and all the routes on which they drove.


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    If this is a round trip, why not suggest that they take one way going out, and the other interstate coming back? That way, they'll have different things to see. Yes, I-55/70 adds about a hundred miles to the trip. But it may be worthwhile.


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