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    Default Another Super Bloom Event!

    Death Valley had rains in October and so the awesome effect of that is wildflowers in one of the driest places on Earth. We covered the 2005 Super Bloom and are heading there on Sunday.

    Pat Mount is on her way tomorrow!

    Arizona coverage

    Death Valley report

    Join us if you can!


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    I just got back and will be posting pictures and a report over the next few days. Having been there last March to see the Spring flowers I was very curious to see the difference. The difference is the density of flowers, mainly Desert Sunflowers, as far as the eye can see. The diversity of flowers has not developed, but I did find a few different flowers besides the abundant Desert Sunflower. As someone who has visited Death Valley numerous times over the past 36 years I can say the slopes of yellow were beautiful. However the rocks, mountains and vast views are always worth a visit, with or without flowers.

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