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    Hello all,

    I am looking to drive from Spokane, WA to Madison, Wi in mid-March with my son. We have time and are thinking of heading south and into Utah for some scenery before heading East. I'm just starting to plan so don't have any specifics but did see Scenic Byway 12 might be an option. Any advice would be helpful.

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    Default Long Way to Go for Some Scenery

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    Dropping all the way down to Utah would add around 900 miles and two full days to your trip, changing what could be a three day drive into at least a five day drive before you even see anything. That seems like a long way to go "for some scenery" when a far more direct route (basically just I-90) would already take you through the Bitterroot Range of the Rockies, past Yellowstone and Devils Tower, and through the Badlands. Personally I far prefer to spend my time actually stopping to explore places more or less on the way rather than adding needless miles. But if you've got a week or more for the trip and are really intent on seeing some of Utah, then we'll be glad to help you. But I think people would need to know you time frame a bit better and the things that you (and your son) would like to get out of the trip for that to happen.

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    How long do you have for the trip? We could make recommendations, but it would be helpful to know what time you have. If you are interested in beautiful scenery, Utah is full of great places. I haven't been on Rt 12 in a long time, but others here have been on it more recently and can offer better advice in that way. Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, plus Dead Horse Point State Park, are all worthwhile, plus Zion, Bryce, and Capitol Reef.


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    I done scenic byway 12 but in July and it was beautiful. If the weather is clear in March then it would be well worth it but long and slower drive... You have to start at Green River to take an advantage of full day...

    Arches National Park would be very good choice March time frame...

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    Default Scenic hiways and biways along the northern route are all on maps.

    There are scenic routes everywhere, not just in Utah. You can find some of them on the various internet sites. National scenic routes are marked on all maps. All you need to do is look closely at all the routes at your disposal. Then there are the lesser known State and County scenic routes. These are no less scenic, just lesser known. Most of them are marked on the State issued maps you get at the welcome centres as you enter each State. Then there are brochures about scenic routes at almost all visitor centres I have visited. One excellent one which stands out is Wyoming - they put out a really nice booklet with all their scenic routes. I drove some in 2014, but did not have time to drive all of them.

    This information is available at every State's welcome and visitor centres you see along the way. Nothing like a nice surprise on which you had not counted. I drove some very nice scenic routes in MN and WI as well, and through Montana, which has a lot.

    With all the scenic routes up north, seems a bit silly to go 900 miles out of your way. How about driving UT12 when you are heading to a destination further south.

    But first you need to get a good collection of detailed maps, so you can see what there is along the way.

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    Thanks so much for your replies! My husband and I will be driving the I-90 route out to Spokane and we have also done that as a family road trip a few years back. I was hoping to see a few different sights on the return trip. We do have at least a week to make it back to Madison so a detour for something worthwhile is definitely in the cards. I will take your advice and do more research and get a few detailed maps to help make good decisions.

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