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    Default 2013: Yellowstone's Lamar Valley -- Searching for Wolves

    In 2013, English photographer Peter Thody and his wife Carole spent nine days searching for wolves in Yellowstone's Lamar Valley. This is Peter's vivid, poignant, and often hilarious memoir of a road trip that fulfilled a childhood dream.

    We are publishing ten segments from Peter Thody's book, "Yellowstone Road Trip" this week. The"home" page of this series can be found here. And I will also add links to each day's report on this thread. You can also find the current day's segment in the "What's New on RTA" box on any page of the Forum.

    Day 1 - UK to Utah, the Long Way Round
    Day 2 - Salt Lake City, Utah to Afton, Wyoming
    Day 3 - Grand Teton National Park
    Day 4 - Tetons to West Yellowstone
    Day 5 - West Yellowstone to Livingston
    Day 6 - Livingston to Chico Hot Springs
    Day 7 - Back into Yellowstone National Park
    Day 7 - Yellowstone Wolves
    Day 8 - Heading Back
    Day 9 - Last Day on the Road

    View more examples of Peter Thody's iconic photography of the American West
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