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    Hi All, I'm new here and planning first trip from cape cod to the Fl. Keys plan on leaving Sat. Feb. 27 5 A.M.hop to make it to Emporia Va. On day 1 665miles 101/2 hrs. Drive time 12 hr. Day Day 2 Emporia to Daytona 628 mi.9 hrs. 11 hr. Day Day3 Daytona to Big Pine Key 385 ml. 6 hrs. Drive time 8 hr. Day does this plan sound doable ? Any input will be welcome thanks in advance. Corvettejack

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I suppose that it's just possible to drive two marathon days back-to-back and then another nearly full day's drive on the third day, but that's hardly the best use of your time. Nor is it particularly safe. Professional long-haul truckers are limited to roughly 600 miles per day because after that they are simply exhausted and have neither the mental alertness nor physical reaction time to prevent them from becoming a hazard to themselves and everyone else who is sharing the road with them. As a newbie, you are hardly in a position to plan to do more than they can. It would be far better to break the drive up into three more evenly spaced days of about 560 miles each with overnights near Bowling Green VA and Brunswick GA. That would also leave you a little time each day to make a couple of short stops to get some fresh air and exercise, and just take your mind of driving for a few minutes and refresh yourself mentally.


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    Hi, and thanks for taking your time to replie, it does make a lot of sense to break it into 3 even trips. I will be sharing some of the drive time with my wife, I will list some hotels based on your driving distance recommendations, and see how we're doing when we get close to those locals,Thanks again Jack

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    Default Computers and their times.

    It appears that those times come straight from a computer program. You need to realise that they are complete fantasy. 560 miles will see you on the road for between 10 - 11 hours, including essential stops. If you want to add the stops Buck suggest, add a little more time.

    Computers do not ever need to stop, never see a red light, construction on the road, or chance upon an accident. They are never held up. Neither do they need fuel food or bathroom stops.They don't even stop to take a photo, but expect you to stop, take the photo and post it into their maps. Always add at least 20% to their estimates, and then that often is not enough.

    I agree with Buck, make this three even days, and enjoy the drive.


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    Hi, Being that this is my first trip I was wondering about drive times given on the computer, obviously they can't account for accidents but I wasn't sure if they some how averaged in general traffic delays, I'll assume they do not, and plan my trip accordenly I'm leaning more to the 3 equal drive times. Thanks for the input, Jack

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    Default Not averaged speed -- actual speed -- sort of

    A bit more about "computed" traffic times.

    In theory the algorithm seeks to predict the most likely travel time on any given segment, the times listed on programs like Google Maps are updated, on average, every five minutes. Obviously the data tends to be better in urban areas, where the program has access to more data. Even weather & construction delay data is incorporated into most mapping programs. And yes, most programs use pavement sensors so that they can account for accidents as they are ocurring...

    So, when you are actually on the road, you are more likely to find the times suggested by the mapping programs to be more accurate. But using the times suggested when are looking at a trip in the future is much more problematic. Which is why we generally suggest adding 15-20% more time than stated in those programs.

    In the broadest strokes, a 500 mile day on the road requires 8-10 hours, in the saddle driving at or above the stated speed limits.


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    Default More information than you'll ever need.

    Hi Gabrielle, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    If you are looking to learn, you have come to the right place. You might like to check out the Roadtrip Field Reports forum, where roadtrippers log and post their reports of their trips.

    Have fun exploring the site.


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