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    I'm 48 years old, living in Denver. 3 years now, I made the decision of having bariatric surgery as I had the BMI greater than 40.. I contacted a medical tourism company in December, and now I'm pretty sure that the best treatment abroad I would get in Mexico. The thing is my insurance doesn't cover the surgery costs so I chose Mexico just because there the price is half of the price I would pay in America. Now, I will have a double experience: medical and travel. As the medical tourism company will plan my trip, hotel stay and so on, I would like to ask for advice. First, what do you think about that? I'm a bit confused.. And secondly, if I go, I have 6 free days.. Mexicali is the city, forgot to mention it. What should I visit there?? Please consider my condition and the fact that I won't be able to walk a lot..

    Thank you in advance!
    John Dean
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    Default not really our specialty

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    This doesn't sound like much of a roadtrip, so it doesn't seem like the kind of trip we'll be able to provide much help with. Medical Tourism is pretty much the biggest reason people travel to Mexicali. If I were in your shoes, I'd probably contact your travel company to see what suggestions they have - being that they are already booking everything else for your trip and will have a better idea of what is possible considering your medical concerns - and perhaps also contact the area's tourism board.

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    Mexicali is a border town with Calexico, just south of El Centro. If you wanted to RoadTrip around SoCal in your 6 days we can help. I personally wouldn't go further south of Mexicali in this day and age. Walk over to the US to rent a car.

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    Default How much exploration are you seeking?

    Actually, Mexico is part of North America, and therefore a part of the world that we consider our home turf for planning road trips.

    The challenge for most of the regular members of this RTA community is that it has been several years since any of us have spent much time driving in Mexico and our experiences are likely out of date.

    That being said, San Felipe is one of my favorite towns along MX-5. Food is excellent and the gulf coast of Mexico is gorgeous.

    Baja and Baja Sur are both beautiful states and generally are safe for tourists -- although there are certainly exceptions.

    Unfortunately, I've never visited Mexicali and so I don't have any personal experience there.

    There are about 150 Mexican citizens who are members of this RTA community -- hopefully one or more of them will read this thread and respond.

    Good luck with your procedure!


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    Are you driving a car to Mexicali, or will you be using commercial transportation? If you are driving a car you will need to buy Mexican insurance before crossing the border, and you will be restricted to just the border area unless you state your intentions to the Mexican officials and post a bond to ensure you will be taking the car back out of Mexico. With very few exceptions, you will not be able to use a rental car to cross the border.

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