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  1. Default need help planning our 3 weeks holiday to the west coast of america.

    Iím glad to see this site, I am running of time to organize our trip, I and my husband planned 3 weeks holiday to the west cost of America;
    ( Las Vegas, Utah, Arizona, LA California back to Vegas)
    Transportation: rent car fr. the airport
    When: middle April Ė 1rst week May
    We really appreciate any route advice, recommended itinerary, where we can stay (hotel) w/c not too expensive, attractions that we should not miss.
    Thank you in advance, waiting for your help and advice..

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The trip you're looking at doing is far and away the single most talked about trip idea on this forum. The basic route generally looks like Vegas - Death Valley - Yosemite - SF - Coast - LA - Grand Canyon - Utah - Vegas. Being that you're traveling in late April, Tioga Pass will almost certainly still be closed, so you'll have to go around via Bakersfield to get from DV to Yosemite.

    But like I said, there are hundreds of threads discussing this basic route, so I'd really start by spending a little time looking around the forum. We'll certainly do our best to answer any specific questions you might have.

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    Default Start Here

    As Michael mentioned, the southwestern US RoadTrip is one of the most discussed on these forums. A few years ago I gathered up some of the best (up to that time) HERE. So that's as good a place as any to start seeing what people recommend. There are more recent discussions as well, and you can find them by using the internal (to RoadTrip America) search function at the upper right of this page.


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    If you are planning to drive the beautiful coast between SF and LA you should consider doing the drive in a southerly direction so that the ocean and Oceanside scenic pull outs are on your side of the road. You have lots of options but a lot will depend on the pace you want to travel at and how many miles you are comfortable with travelling during the course of a day, so you getting the basics down will be a big help for us to help you. For example, a more relaxed trip and you could see Grand canyon, Bryce canyon, Zion, Death valley and Yosemite with the coast between SF and LA or you could extend the loop and go through Monument valley from GC to Arches and Canyonlands NP's and then drive through Capitol Reef NP on route to Bryce via scenic 12. Lots of other options are there as well !

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    Hello Guys, Here is a summary of our Plan

    Start Las Vegas:

    Day 1 Hoover dam, lake mead, valley of fire then Zion Park
    Day 2 Zion Park , Bryce Canyon , Capitol Reef
    Day 3 Goblin Valley , Horseshoe , Arches National Parks
    Day 4 Fisher Tower , Corona Arches, Canyon Land
    Day 5 Monument Valley, lake Powell
    Day 6 Antelope Canyon , The Wave
    Day 7 Cotton Wood Rd , Paria Rim rock (Escalante National Monument)
    Day 8 Grand Canyon , Havasupai Falls
    Day 9 Wupatki National Park , Walnut Canyon, Meteor Cater

    Day 10 Slide rock, Bell rock , red rock Sedona
    Day 11 LA
    Day 12 LA
    Day 13 Kings Park
    Day 14 SF
    Day 15 SF
    Day 16 SF
    Day 17 Lake Tahoe, Yosimite
    Day 18 Death Valley , Red rock Canyon
    Day 19 LV
    Day 20 LV
    Day 21 LV

    It is maybe some days overloaded or what do you think?
    I am still searching for Hotels where we can stay, and can I used my German cell phone card in the US to call the Hotels for reservation?

    You mentioned about closed road from SF to LV , can we used any open road from SF to lake Tahoe from there to Yosimite?

    We also want to buy this so called Annual Pass; is this for per Person or pro Car? And should we buy this on location or we can also buy this thru internet?

    Thank you again can’t wait so excited my first time to travel in the US..

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    I see several cases where you are trying to do way too much in one day.

    Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Capitol Reef are all places you could spend a day each, you certainly can't do all 3 in one day - unless your definition is to simply drive through these parks.

    Grand Canyon and Havasupai Falls is another problem. Grand Canyon National Park is worth a day by itself, and Havasupai Falls is a very remote location on Indian Lands. You're looking at about 4 hours of driving just to get from the National Park to the parking area above the falls. It's then a 10 mile hike or a helicopter ride to get down to the Falls.

    You've got Yosemite in the wrong spot in your trip. Yosemite and Lake Tahoe shouldn't be done on the same day anyway, but the Yosemite Valley is on the west side of the Sierras, so you'd have to cross a mountain range 3 times to get from SF to Tahoe to Yosemite and back to Death Valley - a problem made worse because Tioga Pass will be closed during the time of your trip. You should plan to go from Sequoia/Kings Canyon to Yosemite and then SF - but again, Yosemite should get a full day all by itself.

  7. Default Roadtrip USA

    Thanks a lot Michael, it helps me a lot for replanning my itinerary. Maybe I have to cancel LA in my plan, itís a little bit pity but I prefer the nature than City..

    We want to take Helicopter around Grand Canyon; it is possible to ask them to take us over Havasupai Falls and get down to the Falls a couple of min.?

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    The best place to get a reasonably priced flight over the Grand canyon is from GC airport in Tusayan. No helicopters are allowed to land in the National park but they do a 45 minute flight from the south rim across to the north rim and back while taking in part of the painted desert. You are not going to get a tour helicopter divert from their flight plan for a "couple of mins" and Havasu Falls and the Grand canyon National park are two separate things. You can get a scheduled flight if you look into it but it will be costly and not some place you would want to spend 2 mins.

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