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    Is this the same trip you wrote about, a few months ago? If so, a moderator will probably merge the two threads. That said....

    I just finished budgeting for our own trip coming up, which is about that long in terms of mileage and time. The way I do it -- I estimate $75/day for travel days, $50/day for non travel days, for food for two. We do some eating out, but we use a cooler for lunches and eat from grocery stores, plus we tote some cooking equipment to use whenever possible. Don't forget to budget for ice ($2/day), as many motels will not let you fill your huge ice chest with ice from their machines.

    For lodging, like you, that's pretty easy to figure out. Same for fuel.

    As for sightseeing and souvenirs -- I figure out all park and museum entrance fees, boat tour prices, etc., in advance. Souvenirs, though, will depend a lot upon what you plan to purchase. On our last trip, we picked up cheap t-shirts at most places, for $10 each. If we saw a book that we really wanted to read, in a gift shop, we usually wrote down the title and author, and then checked it out of our local library later, or ordered it from Amazon. (The one exception was a road guide, which was needed that day, but that was $5 or so.)


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    Thanks for your reply Donna!

    It is indeed the same trip as the last post but the route has changed quite a bit and I couldn't for the life of my find the old post (new to this site).

    I appreciate your help, the ice tip is useful too, I forgot about that!

    Thank you,


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    Default It's easy, when you know.

    Quote Originally Posted by Difford28 View Post
    It is indeed the same trip as the last post but the route has changed quite a bit and I couldn't for the life of my find the old post (new to this site).
    To find your thread, click on your user name once you have logged in, and you will see on the left side a link to posts you have made and threadsyou have started.


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    If your US friend tells you how many mpg the car uses you can use the RTA Gas calculator. You can use gas buddy to get an idea of fuel costs in various States, but I generally use $3 per gallon. Being from the UK I usually work with that a meal here costing £20 will be about $20 in the US and so on, [Groceries, Hotels ] with the exchange rate being the benefiting factor. It's not an exact science, but because everyone is different in where they eat and what is considered a decent meal etc, it gives a good indication.

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    That's awesome, thanks for your help Dave!

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