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    Hi Brothers and Sisters. I'll be reviving this thread again as my family and I were planning for a similar route trip this September of this year.

    I would ask if this following trips are feasible within 3 weeks.

    Take note of our following routes an option 1# Home Base: Seattle
    Route - Go to Banff, AB from Seattle. To stay in Vancouver or Kamloops for a stopover before going to Banff. Stay at Banff then proceed to Glacier National Park in Montana, stay for at least 2 nights, go road trip to Billings in MT for a 1 night stop before proceeding to Mt. Rushmore National Park for 3 nights including a visit either on Custer and Badllands National Park. After that, we proceed to Denver in Colorado for the Rocky Mountains trip for another 2 nights, then proceeding to Mesa Verde (stay in Durango, CO or Monticello, UT for 2 nights) then proceed to Salt Lake City for a night then proceed to Grand Teton (stay for a night), Yellowstone (2 nights). Go to Missoula (MT), stay for a night, then to Spokane, WA (1 night) before going back to Seattle.

    Option 2# Stay in LA then fly to Denver CO (forget about GNP and Banff), stay for 3 nights for a Rocky Mountains trip and Mesa Verde Trip, then after, we proceed to Mt Rushmore, stay there for 3 nights including trips to Custer State and Badlands, then proceed to Sheridan/Casper, WY (stay for 1 night) before proceeding to Grand Teton (1 night), Yellowstone (2 nights), drop by Cody, WY, proceeding to Bozeman then to Missoula, stay for 2 nights, then to Spokane, WA (1 night) before going to last stop in Seattle.

    Option 3 # Same as option 1 but after Colorado trips, proceeding to Albuquerque in NM for 2 nights, Phoenix for 2 nights, 1 night in Kingman, AZ before returning to LA.

    Your suggestions will be well appreciated.

    Thanks and God bless!

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    The fact is that each of your three options is possible. Each will require about a week of solid on-the-road time. Each would provide some amazing scenery. Each would take you to diverse parts of the country. So...each of them is equally as good from an outsider's perspective, and no matter what our individual tastes and pr3eferences, the decision is yours.


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    I would agree with Buck that all of these can be done within 3 weeks, however, I will also say it still looks to me like you are underestimating the distances in the American West and need to spend a little more time studying maps of the area.

    For example, you seem to be lumping Denver, Rocky Mountain National Park, and Mesa Verde together as being basically the same place. Rocky Mountain NP is 2 hours from Denver, and Mesa Verde is practically a full day drive (8 hours) away. That's especially problematic at the start of "trip 2" - as Mesa Verde is in the opposite direction from Denver to Mt. Rushmore - so Denver to Mesa Verde, back to Mt Rushmore would be nearly 3 full days of driving all by itself.

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