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  1. Default need advice for June 7-14 travel from Denver to Salt Lake City Utah

    my mom, daughter, grandson and I are looking for a one way motorhome rental to drive from Denver to Salt Lake City. If we aren't able to secure a motorhome we will rent a car and stay in hotels. But we prefer the motorhome option. I have driven a motorhome in Alaska years ago and have towed a travel trailer in the Great Smoky Mountains many times so I am comfortable with the idea of driving the motorhome.
    Do we need to be concerned with road conditions for this time of year? If we are able to secure a motorhome, will pull offs for sightseeing be an issue? Is it best to secure our campsites ahead of time or are there plenty of options along the way?
    We are considering leaving Denver and spending the day in Estes Park area, then travel to Glenwood Springs, Grand Junction, Moab and then on to Salt Lake City for a yearly convention. We have a full week to make the trek. My grandson will be 5 months old so we want to take our time.

    any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I would imagine you should be able to find an RV to rent for your trip. The major RV companies, like Cruise America and El Monte allow one-way rentals. The biggest downside is the price - there is typically a large fee for doing a one-way rental. There would be a one-way fee for a car rental too, but like most things with RV vacations, it will likely be even more than going by regular car.

    As far as making reservations, that's going to be a case by case basis. I'd at least think strongly about making reservations over the weekend, and if you want full hookups, then I'd also lean more strongly towards pre-booking your campsites.

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    thank you, we have found it is about $350 additional. we are waiting to hear from one company. we have run into an issue with SLC not being a drop option for a couple of the companies. I am sure we can have a great time via car but are keeping our hopes up for motorhome. once we know for sure about the motorhome, we will make reservations to be safe.

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    Even in June I would personally book campgrounds in advance and especially as you only have a week and need to stay on track with your time. Morraine campground in RMNP is nice to explore the Bear lake area and not far from Estes park if you want to visit town. Devils Garden campground is lovely and right in the heart of Arches NP. You could also look at James M Robb Colorado River State park near Fruita (Grand Junction) which happens to be quite close to the Colorado National Monument.

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