I am going to jump into to this as well as this timeline/route is very close to mine. We are departing 13 Jan from Eastern NC headed to Seattle. We need to be there by 22/23 Jan. I have driven cross country three times all solo. I have taken 40 twice and 10 once. The good news is I will have my wife this time, and our dog to assist. We are really torn on taking 40 or the Northern route. Also torn on which vehicle to drive. We are shipping one of our vehicle driving the other. Looking for some advice here. Take the VW Tiguan (has AWD 4 motion), or Jeep Wrangler Rubicon(its a Rubicon). Leaning towards the VW for fuel economy and overall comfort. But if we hit bad weather I will feel more confident in the Rubicon. I have driven in snow and ice before which in my opinion doesn't matter because it is very unpredictable. So looking for advice here. Right now we have a 40 plan and a northern plan and will make our decision closer to our date of departure. Open to any and all tips, advice, strategy. Thanks!

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