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    We're traveling in florida in a couple months with a travel trailer jumping several campgrounds over a time. Is there a better or more desirable route from ocala to apopka rather than the I75 florida turnpike route to avoid tolls and still have good road.

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    US-27 and US-441 provide a shorter, more direct route from Ocala to Apopka at 63 miles rather than 78 (and tolls) via I-75 and Florida's Turnpike. Both US routes are four-lane divided and, as with all of Florida's roads, flat as a pancake. It will be a fair bit slower due to cross traffic, roadside businesses, and traffic signals, but over an hour and a half (or so) the difference shouldn't amount to too much.


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    Default Hello Florida Travelers!

    Hello Florida Travelers!

    Sorry for the late post as I only joined today and finding that this website is so wonderful for sharing of great little towns that you will see along the way. Leesburg and Mt Dora, FL on your way to Apopka, FL are very enjoyable small towns that will show you the true Old World Florida rustic feel during your trip, along with some wonderful stops for a nice small town lunch or unique Antiques shopping on your way. Roads are good but be mindful of the speed limits for short periods of time while passing through some cute small towns. You will not be bothered by slowing down for only very short periods of time as the homes and views of each town are most enjoyable.

    Save Journey!
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    Florida more so than other states gives me the feeling of wanting to travel. I donít mean that in any negative sense, huge Florida fan (Jupiter, could live there ) but in isnít the US big way.

    From that heat you can drive anywhere, to other climates, city, wilderness, mountain or plain.

    Somehow I want to turn right out of a Miami Airport and just carry on.

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