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    (quickly adds additional destinations to 2017 trip...) : )

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    I will say for me, what happens when I quickly see a place, with the idea that I'll go back later, is that often I don't get back there - or it takes me a very long time to get there again. Instead, I always end up opting for places that I haven't explored at all yet.

    When I was younger, especially, I'd often plan trips where I'd never stay in one place more than a night - and always had the idea that if I really liked a place, I'd go back in the future. Much like you're planning, one of the trips I took in my early 20s was out to the Pacific Northwest. I spent a day or less in places like Seattle, Vancouver, and Glacier National Park. I had a great time on the trip - which was as much about having fun with my friends as it was seeing these places - but 10 years later, I haven't made it back yet, because I've always opted for new areas.

    Like I said, I had fun on those trips, and I'm not even sure I would do things differently, but keep that in mind if you're building a plan under the idea that you'll go back to place later.

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    I definitely understand that. That's why I'm going to save the farther west places entirely for another time. Otherwise, I may be less inclined to go again if there is somewhere else I haven't yet been. I think that's also why I have such a hard time selecting just a few places to see. From when I mentioned possibly going only as far as Montana earlier, my list of places to see has actually increased. (Oops.) Looking on the map, though, I see where I can cut that down a bit. Many of those places I can save for the 2017 "northwest corner" trip (which I can hammer out at a much later date). : ) I just have to decide where that imaginary cut-off line is.

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    You could always see how far you get halfway through your time allotment, then turn around and head home via a different route.

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    Default In case you did not see this....

    Just came across this thread, and thought you might like it.... get some ideas from it.



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    Thanks, Lifey! That *is* a really interesting post. I have a few links from it open to read in a bit. And glc - what a scary but fun prospect! That would be so outside my norm, though. Not that that's a bad thing, but I think I would have to psych myself up for it (I can't even go for a walk unless I have a destination in mind...). I do really like the idea, though.

    My AAA maps arrived, by the way! I had them sent to my parents' house since my dad, very sweetly, added me to his AAA plan the second I got my car, which meant I couldn't send them anywhere else. : P But I'm flying out there tomorrow, so I will have them soon. I finally told my mom about the trip and she was actually really supportive about it. (She's the typical jewish mother - she worries about absolutely everything.) I told her we can look over the maps together and look at some options for my trip. She was really excited about that.

    I'm also super excited because I made a photo book from my last roadtrip (I'm a graphic designer, so I had to make it super fancy, of course) and had that sent there as well since I didn't know if it would arrive before I left. Well, it's waiting for me there now!

    I feel so giddy! I can't believe how happy I am even just thinking about this 2016 trip, even though I still don't know exactly what I will do. So much fun in the planning, though! I still haven't told any friends. I don't want anyone to ask to join me. : P

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    How’d this trip turn out for ya? I did it from Virginia to Seattle in ‘15 but was on a mission as I was moving out there so didn’t stop along the way (not even Coeur d'Alene!).

    In Chicago and heading back home today with a friend so going to do Mount Rushmore and YNP along the way.

    *yawn* coffee time. ;^>

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    Welcome to RTA! I don't think the OP of this thread has been back on since 2015.

    Let us know how Mt Rushmore and YNP turn out for you! In late May/early June, they shouldn't be too crowded yet....


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    I'm still here! I ended up not going on this road trip because of various timing reasons (I ended up roadtripping in Iceland instead later that year!). Still would love to get to this trip sometime soon, though. A friend of mine actually just decided to move to the Portland area, so perhaps next year. : )

    Enjoy Mount Rushmore and YNP!

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    sounds like quite the adventure, staying at Hostels should be interesting.

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