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  1. Default Mt. Pleasant, IA to Rockland, ME

    We will be driving from Mt. Pleasant, IA to Rockland, ME this Thanksgiving weekend. We are leaning toward taking I-70 for at least some of the way, especially to avoid Chicagoland.

    We'd like to ask the advice of the RTA community, as to whether this is a good strategy, in general and if so, how far would it be recommended to take I-70 before routing to I-80 and/or I-90?

    Thank you!
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    Default never a bad idea

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Avoiding Chicago, and some of the tolls along I-80/I-90 is never a bad idea in my book. I'd take I-74 to Indianapolis, then I-70 to Columbus. Then use I-71/I-76 to get back up to I-80 across PA, then I-81/I-84 will take you through Scranton and up towards Boston. That will keep you off the tollways all the way until your final legs up into Maine.

    Of course, with this being late November, you'll also want to keep an eye on the weather - if there is a southern storm system, it's possible staying north through Chicago could be better.

    At 1450 miles, you'll need to plan for 2 overnight stops.

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