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  1. Default Road trip 2014 (Tucson,Phoenix,Grand Canyon,Las Vegas,Los Angeles,San Diego)

    Hey together,
    We made our trip over Christmas and new year’s eve. We started on December, 27th in Tucson where we stayed for 2 weeks and planned to celebrate new year´s in LV. So it all started out very well and we made our first stop in Phoenix, AZ to watch an ice hockey game. After that day we were heading to the Grand canyon. The weather was nice and sunny and the sight was incredible. We stayed right at the rim till the sunset. Later on it became very very chilly. But we decided to take some pictures of the canyon at night, though.
    At the 31st we woke up early in the morning to do some sunrise timelapse (we are obsessed with photography as you may have noticed). But that plan didn’t end up well … One of the biggest blizzard in a long period has haunted us over night. So it was windy, snowy and foggy as hell – No chance to see the sun at any time… Right before my girlfriend almost froze to death we left the windy scenery and headed to Las Vegas. We was stuck in traffic for 18 hours (!!!) and (of course) we “celebrated” new year´s eve in our car rather than in LV….
    We stayed in LV for 2 days and it was quite nice (I think Europeans don’t like it as much as the Americans?) Right after LV we headed to Los Angeles and have seen the Mulholland Dr., Venice Beach, Hollywood Bowl, Sunset Blvd and so on. We stayed in Anaheim but didn’t make it to Disney World, though.
    Our last Location on our plan was San Diego. And that is a beautiful place – it was kind of a highlight for me. I think the quality of living there is over the top!!
    We enjoyed our stay in the “wild west” and we´re already planning our next years road trip! We love the USA. 
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    Default Pics please.

    Hi and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    Thank you for sharing your trip with us. Sorry to hear you celebrated New Year in the car. One never can be sure of what the weather will do.

    Would love you to post some of your pictures of the Grand Canyon here, together with your report.


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    Hi Alex88

    Bit of bad luck having to spend New Years eve in the car. I to would love to see your pics.

    Cheers. Keith

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