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    My husband & I want to drive from Seattle to Chicago for our daughters wedding then to the Upper peninsula of Michigan. It will be round trip, but the trip from Seattle to Chicago we want to pull a small trailer. Are we nuts? She has stuff ( antiques furniture) out here, we have looked into various methods to get it out to her & they seem crazy expensive.
    The trip would be in mid March. Again, are we crazy?

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    I'm assuming you're thinking of renting a uhaul trailer (or similar), so you can drop the trailer once you get to Chicago? What do you have for a tow vehicle?

    As long as you've got enough time - plan at least 4 days for the drive to Chicago, and I'd give yourself an extra day in case you see some bad weather - and a vehicle that's appropriate for cross-country towing, there's no reason you can't make this trip.

    The UP is a fantastic place, but winter does last a long time there. It's still pretty cold there in mid-march, and there will likely still be quite a bit of snow on the ground. What were you hoping to see and do there?

    What other concerns do you have that make you think this would be "crazy?"

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    Default If you're nuts, we all are here !

    Nothing nuts about taking a road trip ! If you can spare a little extra time you could do some sightseeing on your journey, taking a different route each way. Any excuse for a road trip !

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