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    So how did the trip go? Does anyone know? It should have been about 8 years ago!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum, jessycatherine!

    Yes - anytime you're hitting a small town in an otherwise open section of highway should pay close attention to speed limits, especially right on the edge of town where the speed limit drops. Those who don't often end up funding a significant portion of those towns annual municipal budgets!

    @landmariner - the original poster hasn't been on the site since 2015, so I don't imagine we'll ever know.

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    Yep. Several years ago I was on US-54 coming into Goodwell OK. Speed limit drops from 65 to 40, a cop got me RIGHT AT the 40 sign doing 46.

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    There's no update it's been 8 years with that trip. Non one knows what really happen.

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