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    My wife and I are planning a trip to Phoenix Arizona during the first of November. We will be there for 7 days. She (my wife) is a professional photographer and would like to capture as much of the beauty of Arizona that we can cover in a 6 day period. She has a passion for wild horses so that is one of the things we would like to see while visiting. Any suggestions on what would be a good round trip drive for us? Thanking you in advance for any help you can offer.

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    Welcome to Arizona, soon. Wild Horses, near Phoenix, have been in the news quite recently. If you Google 'wild horses, salt river phoenix' you will get plenty of information.
    While in that area a beautiful day drive is along the Salt River Recreation Area. From Fountain Hills (near where the horese are), take AZ 87 north, turn right on Bush Highway and follow it back to Mesa or along the Bush Highway you can turn left on Usery Pass Road, both options bring you back to the 202 loop in Mesa. It is a USFS fee area, if you park in certain areas along the route. If you don't have an annual pass many places in the area sell the daily Tonto Recreation pass.

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    Certainly there are some very photogenic areas of Arizona, particularly north of Phoenix. Among these are Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon, Salt River Canyon, the Grand Canyon, the Petrified Forest, Antelope Canyon, and others.

    As for wildlife, there are both wild horses, although these are mostly tended to by the Bureau of Land Management and are not readily accessible to the general public, as well as the burros that roam freely through the town of Oatman. For far more exotic creatures, you might want to check out Out of Africa in Camp Verde.


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    Thank you for your response. My wife and I are really looking forward to our trip and this has been very helpful

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    Thank you AzBuck. This is very helpful. We are really excited to begin our visit.

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    Also check out the Apache Trail, leaves from Apache Junction and circles back through Globe. Historic road along the Salt River up to the Roosevelt Dam, partially dirt. OK for 2-wheel drive and is a State highway. May want to confirm with rental car agency. Recommend west to east route for comfortable driving.

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    I can't help you with wild horses - not my passion - but don't miss photographing the GC afterglow about 20 minutes after the canyon goes dark at sunset - wait for it! And if you go up to Antelope Canyon, make sure to visit both Horseshoe Curve and the Glen Canyon Dam Overlook south of Page. Both are very photogenic, but they require a hike out to them.

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