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  1. Default Colorado Springs, CO to Chicago, IL - Avoid driving in the mountains - help please --

    I am driving from Colorado Springs, CO to Chicago, IL mid October time this year and I will be traveling with a 26' foot rental moving truck with a car attached to the back of it with a car tow dolly..... What is the best route for me to avoid driving in the mountains??? .....

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    Default Interstate.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    If your aim is to get there as quickly and directly as possible then sticking to Interstate, which are built with gradual grades and curves to cater for the biggest of rigs, is the way to go. With a truck and trailer this would be a full 2 days of driving and your overnight would be around Lincoln NE using I25/76/80. We usually recommend the extra expense of renting a car trailer rather than a dolly, they are more stable and easier to manoeuvre. However if you are taking the direct approach and you find a Motel with easy parking a Dolly will do the trick, just don't get in a position where you need to reverse. After loading your vehicle stop after a few miles to re-tighten the straps and then check them at each stop and before you set out in the morning.

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    Default It's all downhill!

    Colorado Springs is on the eastern slope of the Rockies, so there aren't any mountains to avoid between there and Chicago. If you go over a mountain pass, it means you're going the wrong direction!

    While Dave's advice is generally correct about using Interstates, I would look at leaving Colorado Springs on US-24 to Limon, then take CO-71 to near Fort Morgan, then get on I-76 and follow Dave's advice as listed above. That will help you avoid potential traffic issues in Denver or the expense of using the E-470 toll bypass, which could be quite expensive while towing.

    I also agree, get a full trailer if at all possible, it will make things much easier than using a tow dolly.

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