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  1. Default R/T Tampa to Seattle in 10 days?

    Hi! I have 2 kids and was wondering if it's possible (and enjoyable) to drive from Tampa to Seattle and back within 10 days. We'd be driving in mid August. Although we'd like to stop by Rushmore, we don't want to make other stops so we can spend as much time as possible in Seattle.

    It will be me and my husband driving... The kids are good travelers and we've driven with them from Tampa to Montreal within 1 1/2 days.

    Any advice on quick routes or the honest truth would be great!

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    Default Not at all.

    Hi and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    At well over 6000 miles this is a solid 10 days on the road, without sightseeing, driving the maximum miles the law allows long haul truckers to drive in 24 hours. Beyond that, safety becomes a real issue. It would be neither enjoyable, nor possible to do safely.

    To attempt to drive more than 600 miles, even with two drivers, day after day, puts both yourselves and your family at risk, as well as showing your disregard for the safety of all other road users. The fact that the irresponsible road trip to Montreal came off without incident, does not mean it was safe to do so. You were just lucky, but don't push your luck.

    If you do not have more time for this trip, why not fly to Seattle. You'd be safer and have more money to spend in Seattle.


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    I agree with Lifey,

    I just don't see it being safe or relaxing. Tampa to Seattle is approx. 6,200 miles. Driving 13 - 14 hours per day and averaging 885 miles per day, 8 hours for sleeping, gives you only two to three hours a day for eating, pit stops, showers, packing & unpacking, checking in and out of motels will eat up 7 to 7 1/2 days of your 10 days and would only leave you just 2 1/2 to 3 days in Seattle....if you can keep up that pace. Less if you spend a few hours at Mt. Rushmore. I'm sorry, I can not imagine that being safe, relaxing or worth it at all.


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    Any advice on quick routes or the honest truth would be great!
    The best advice I can offer is forget and think again, sorry ! Not only would it be not enjoyable, it would be torture for the Kids and work like at best for you. Agree with the above, fly out or change your plans.

    The kids are good travelers and we've driven with them from Tampa to Montreal within 1 1/2 days.
    Sorry but that is just totally unsafe and I am glad you and your children got away with it this time, it doesn't mean to say you will again. Professional drivers are limited by law as to how far they can travel per day for very good reason and that's the alarming amount of accidents and deaths caused by fatigue on the road.

    Hope you have a safe trip !

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    I made a solo road trip from Augusta, GA to Seattle and back in 2009, but it took me 15 days to do it. I wouldn't recommend any less if you want to see anything along the way, and believe me, there is plenty to see. Your trip will be a little longer, but not by much.

    I drove three days to get to Rapid City and then did lots of sightseeing from there on. Seattle was my far point and I went south to Mt Saint Helens and Portland where I spent two days. I-84 was my return route to SLC and then US6/US191 to Moab. From there, I took several interstates back to Augusta. 15 days was just about perfect for the trip, but I could have spent twice that long to see it all.

    If you can stretch your trip to at least 15 days, you might be able to do it right, but remember I said I did it solo. With two youngsters, you're going to have to stop a lot more often and you have to entertain them on those long stretches of highway. Plan accordingly.

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