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    Default Fighting Cancer with a Roadtrip!

    Pretty interesting story has popped up of a 90-year-old Michigan woman who decided to head out on a cross country RV trip, instead of getting chemo, after being diagnosed with cancer.

    Norma, along with her son and daughter-in-law, have been on the road since August and are documenting their story on the Driving Miss Norma Facebook page.

    It's also become the subject of several news stories.

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    Default Good on her.

    Printed this out to show to my kids. They don't believe me. I have told them many times that if I ever get cancer again, that is exactly what I will do. Go hit the road till I drop.


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    Chemo for a 90 year old just doesn't make sense. Sometimes it seems like oncologists offer it because they have nothing else and they believe they are expected to do SOMETHING!!!!

    Good for her!

    (wife has cancer, chemo came close to killing her she was so sensitive to it)

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