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    Has anyone driven from KC to Seattle? Which route did u take? What sights did u see? Any issues with the route? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank u!

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You really need to tell us more about your plans if you are trying to create a roadtrip. Millions of people would have driven this route for lots of different reasons and what they done may be of no use or interest to you. Is this a family road trip? A business trip ? How much time do you have ? Is it one way or a round trip ? What are your interests and goals for the trip ? When are you travelling ?

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    One other question to add to the ones that SWDave has already asked: are you planning this trip from electronic maps, or from paper?

    You need a map. A paper map, not the kind you see on a 5” screen (GPS or your phone) or a 15” screen (your computer). If you are planning a multi-state trip, a USA map, regional map, or a road atlas of the US will do for starters. Take a pencil, some sticky notes, or other way to mark up the map: what do you want to see? What looks interesting? After a few marks, you'll see a route starting to form.


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