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  1. Default Las Vegas to Mammoth Lakes in Mid-July (Via 95)

    Hi there,

    I am planning to drive from Las Vegas to Mammoth Lakes in Mid-July (Via 95). We don't plan to stop at Death valley (due to the heat), just need to get to MM Lakes ASAP.

    We are a party of 9 in two vehicles (inc 4 kids). I am a bit nervous about the heat as I have never driven through that area before. If we have to turn off aircon to stop overheating engines, then this would be an issue :-(

    Thanks for any advice.


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    Welcome to RTA!

    I doubt that any modern well maintained car will overheat with the A/C on, even sitting in traffic, as long as it has an electric radiator fan - which most front drive vehicles with transverse engines have.

    Fastest route is US-95 to NV-266/CA-168 to US-395.

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    Thanks! What is the regularity of service stations along that route?

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    Default It's a fun drive -- don't worry


    Welcome to the Trip Advice Forums -- If you have a car newer than 20 years old, you won't need to turn off the air conditioning -- in fact the car works much better if the windows are closed and the air conditioning is on.

    Here is a field report that describes part of your likely route -- it's mostly mountain driving... Temps in the 80's -- not that much of a concern.

    This is an odd year -- it's already been cooler this month than any of the old timers can remember. Relax, you'll have a great trip.

    This is about a 308 mile trip, so it will take you about six hours.


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    I can't comment on gas stations on 95, but there's plenty of them in Big Pine and Bishop. I have only made that run through Death Valley and filled up in Pahrump on 160.

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    Thank you for all your advice! What a great website :-)

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