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    Hi All,

    My family and I are hoping to plan a 3 week trip to the US probably around the spring to early summer in the near future. It's still early stages of planning but we were thinking, fly out to Orlando, few days at universal studios then across to Phoenix via Memphis, TN, Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon. Hopefully staying in Phoenix for a few days with family before a quick wedding in Vegas and back to Blighty.

    I know I'm looking at about 2800 miles in about 10-12 days but I'm starting to think it's a little too far in the time we have. Is it best to hit an average miles per day or set out longer drive times allowing for longer stops in specific locations?

    Oh, and we will be travelling with 3 children who aren't the best passengers you could wish for.

    Hope you can help.

    Thanks in advance...

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    Default It's doable.

    Hello and welcome to RTA !

    Travelling an average of 250/280 miles a day in the US is quite relaxed by comparison to here in the UK but would still equate to being in the saddle for around 4.5/5 hours a day. Although that would allow time for rest breaks and to let the kids let off steam, you might want to travel further on some days and less on others to give yourself time at GC etc. We usually look for interesting places to stop at and see how it fits, some days that might be 150 miles and others 400 so its a case of getting some good old paper maps and doing a little research and prioritise. You could consider flying from Florida and then drive from Phoenix to Vegas and spending less time in the car and more enjoying the sites. From Phoenix you have Sedona and the GC nearby and after Monument valley you could go to Lake Powell and Antelope canyon around Page AZ and into southern Utah. There you will find the National parks of Bryce canyon and Zion and wonderful red rock scenery. It's always good to get the kids involved in the planning so they have a vested interest and awareness of the trip. They could keep journals and track your progress to keep them from getting irritated along the way.

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    Excellent suggestions. Will keep you posted on developments.

    Many thanks.

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