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  1. Default Road trip fr LOs angeles to Vancouver BC first time

    Hi there! This will be our first road trip from Los Angele to Vancouver BC. Back to LA Family of 5, kids 14, 8 & 3. Where to stop, any hotel suggestions along the way & in Vancouver. Food stop. How are we divide the trip? Planning 5-7 days w/ 2 days stay in Vancouver. any suggestion is greatly apprrciated.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    At 1275 miles from LA to Vancouver, it's about a 3-day drive in each direction, doing 425 miles per day. If you want to do more miles in a day, around 500, you can do it in 2-1/2 days. To do it in 3 days of roughly the same mileage, you could go to Williams, CA on the first day (north of Sacto), and Eugene, OR on the 2nd day, then go into Vancouver on the 3rd day. If you wanted to make a little more mileage on the first two days, then I'd do Red Bluff the first night (a little over 500 miles), Longview WA the second night (500 mi), and into Vancouver the third day (270 mi, leaving time to cross the border). I am assuming your passports are all in order?

    As for food stops, one suggestion would be to eat breakfast at the hotel in the morning -- most places offer at least a continental breakfast these days. Lunches, wherever. We are usually into our hotel before the dinner hour, and ask the front desk what they'd recommend. We always ask for "someplace local", or "where do YOU like to go out to dinner?". It's the most up-to-date information, we find.

    For hotels, my husband and I use a combination of ways to find our overnight lodgings. Often, we use coupons that we find in booklets either at the state welcome centers, travel centers (i.e. truck stops) and occasionally in rest areas. Sometimes, we look online for reviews. We tend to stick to our favorite chains (admittedly) which are Super 8 (Wyndham) and EconoLodge (Choice Hotels). Once in awhile we've tried booking through an online consolidator and have usually been disappointed.

    You are in a slightly different situation than I am, though, because you have 3 children. Sometimes, a hotel will let you all stay in one room and put a roll-away bed in there for the 5th person. Others have regulations against that, and want you to take 2 rooms. It may be worth looking into the Suites motels/hotels (such as Comfort Suites). There is also a website dedicated to motels and hotels for larger families, and hopefully our regular member with that information will chime in here, because I can't remember it. (Sorry about that!)


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    Default Accommodation for five or more.

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    Thanks Donna for the input, we are thinking of stopping in Redding Ca, then go straight Vsnvouver the next day. While in Vancouver, any hitel suggestion? If possible, near restaurant & places to visit. Planning to stay for 3 nights then back to LA, stopping at Seattle

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    Planning to drive from Redding to Vancouver in a single day on your first road trip and with 3 kids is a bad idea and actually dangerous. Forget what on line mapping programs tell you, this would be more like a 14 hour drive and the kids will go crazy which in turn will distract a very weary driver. As Donna suggested you really need 2 overnight stops for sanity and safety's sake. Yes, as a solo driver you could split it into 2 equal days as a business type trip, but not a family road trip.

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