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    Hi guys

    I'm new here and although I've driven through the country a couple times, I never stopped to see whats out there. I'll be driving from Chicago to Los Angeles on June 2nd and only have 5 full days for the drive. I want to see some nature on the way. I'll have 2 other people in the car helping with the drive.

    I'm thinking of doing something like this Chicago--> Colorado --> Utah and then stopping to see Yosemite National Park in California -->San Francisco --> taking the Pacific Coast Highway to Los Angeles

    I don't know what to stop and see in Colorado and Utah. I'd keep the stops at Yosemite and San Francisco from half a day to maybe a day. Can anyone give me some advice on what to keep and what to toss out of this trip? I only have 5 full days to get to Los Angeles and mainly want to see nature. Thanks in advance.

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    If you were to simply take the most direct route from Chicago to Los Angeles, (I-80/I-76/I-70/I-15) you could make the drive in around three and a half days and have tome to stop, albeit briefly, and sites such as those along the old Oregon Trail, Rocky Mountain National Park, Arches National Park, Zion National Park, Las Vegas, and Mojave National Preserve. But if you try to add a drive through Yosemite and down the Pacific Coast Highway, you increase the time needed just for the driving to well over four days, miss everything on the above list except the Oregon Trail (unless you want to spend even more time driving and less time seeing things) and further require that one of those days will be through barren stretches of the Great Basin in Nevada. I really think you should make the most of your time and spend as much of it as you can outside the car rather than spending more of it driving to places you won't have time to visit.


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