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    Default Heading from Oklahoma to California

    Any tips on where to stop on the way from Oklahoma to Disneyland. We are planning to travel from Oklahoma to the Grand Canyon in one day. I'm hoping to find a couple places to stop on the way to the Grand Canyon. We are traveling with 3 kids. 10,6,&5. Thank you!

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    Welcome to RTA!

    At over 1050 miles from Okmulgee to the Grand Canyon, it's more like a TWO day drive. It's not something that can be done in one day, especially with 3 children in the car. Google maps may tell you that's a 16-hour drive, but in real world, it's more like 22 hours. Google doesn't have to stop for gasoline, food, can't anticipate traffic concerns, assumes you will drive at the speed limit the entire way, and definitely does not have to stop to go to the bathroom. With 3 kids, every stop will take a little longer than you expect.

    If you DID try this, nobody would be very happy when you get there. You'd be tired and cranky, as nobody (not even kids) would be able to nap/sleep in the car very well, especially the adults. One adult needs to drive and the other would need to keep the driver awake, so there's no rest for the adult. If you left home at 6 am one day, you'd be lucky to pull into the Grand Canyon by 2 am the next day ... exhausted and ready to sleep, not trying to view the Grand Canyon. Believe me, I know about this. When I was younger, my parents attempted to drive the same distance in one day. They were exhausted.

    I would definitely rethink this. Drive one day, stay overnight at Santa Rosa, NM. Stay at a place with a pool for the kids. Eat out. Sleep well. The next day, drive to Grand Canyon, stay overnight. The third day, see the Grand Canyon. On the 4th day, drive to LA - - easily done.


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    Default Please don't !

    If you DID try this, nobody would be very happy when you get there
    And that would be presuming you DID get there ! Please don't attempt this, driving while fatigued is as near to dangerous as driving while drunk and responsible for many deaths on the road, Fact. And no it doesn't matter if there are 2 drivers, you can't get good sleep in a moving car, especially with irratable children in the car and with only 2 adults both would need to be awake the whole time. If the children slept, they would then be waking at the time you arrive totally exhausted and then the trip goes from bad to worse.

    Here's wishing you a safe and enjoyable journey !

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    What you would be attempting is just not safe with 3 kids. There is no way you can do this in one day. Please rethink this.

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    Default Not even without children.

    Be sure to find and book into a hotel half way... one that has a pool, so the children will have something to look forward to and blow their energy at the end of the day, in readiness for a second long day constrained in seat belts.

    Even without children, trying to do this in one day would be a very bad idea.


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