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  1. Default Help!Cant make MapWizard use the roads I want.Can I import existing Googlemaps Route?

    Hello Everybody!

    I have used all the info I could get in the forums to create our very own "perfect" San Francisco - Yosemite - Death Valley - Las Vegas - LA trip, but I can't find a way to get the Map Wizard to use the roads I want to use. it seems to use th"fastes" way, but that is not allways what we wanted. I did this very easily on Google maps. I think it's called Waypoints here.

    Is this some way to import the Google Maps route into the Map Wizard? I really would like that, so we have all the extra info (Icons for dining, lodging etc.) on our map.

    Thanks a lot for your help!

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    Default Map Center is what you are seeking


    Thanks for the post!

    The Map Wizard is the Quick-version of the RTA Custom Maps program. It's only for creating maps and looking at RoadTrip Attractions (RAs) from a single point to another point.

    Since you are a registered member, you can use the full mapping program. You can access the RTA Map Center by clicking on "Advanced Maps" or by going to this URL

    The RTA Map Center page allows you to make as many custom maps as you want. Alas, you can't import other Google Maps in -- the program wouldn't know what to do with your data points.

    Here is a tutorial written, in part, by other first-time RTA Custom Map members that might help you as you create your own custom maps.

    Please, post again if you need additional assistance.

    Enjoy the planning!


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