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    Default Best Day Trips in the LA Area?

    I moved to LA a few years ago and I love it. But whenever it's time to road trip, I usually go pretty far for at least a few days if not longer. Some of my at-home responsibilities are increasing so daytrips are becoming more of a necessity to scratch the travel itch. I was wondering if anyone could recommend some decent daytrip destinations for the LA area?

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    There's actually a couple of RTA Articles on that exact topic:

    Six Great Daytrips from Los Angeles

    Three Great Daytrips from Long Beach

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    Adding to what the articles said -

    Magic Mountain, up in the mountains near Valencia, about an hour from downtown LA depending on traffic.

    Joshua Tree National Park - east of the city not far from Palm Springs.

    Tehachapi - where there are 13 train tunnels because the train goes round in loops.

    Edwards AFB - parts are accessible to the public, particularly an air museum.


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    Thanks for the tips! I've had the pleasure of doing a few of these already - San Diego (for the zoo), Santa Monica, Disneyland, Malibu, Newport Beach. I'm really set on Joshua Tree now thanks to the suggestions. I've read articles advising me to bring my little Scion in by a local shop before doing any desert driving but I'm not that well-versed in auto stuff other than changing tires. Any suggestions on what to look out for before doing the desert drive?

    Probably going to try to squeeze my little Scion into my local auto body shop here in Los Angeles
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