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    Default Sacramento, CA to Tucson, Arizona

    Planning a spring break road trip with 3 adults, 2 pre-teens and a 5 month old. Renting a van and will be driving to visit family in Tucson and Cornville, Arizona. Looking to find what the best routes are and what sight seeing locations not to miss along the way?

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    Welcome to RTA!

    It's hard to give any sort of advice without knowing a little bit more about your trip. Are you planning to go direct to Cornville (which is between Phoenix and Flagstaff) or to Tucson? It's a 2-day drive to Tucson from Sacto, and about a day and a half's drive to Cornville. Looking at my map, I see the Grand Canyon as one major possibility for sightseeing, plus Waputki NM and Sunset Crater NM near Flagstaff. Picacho Peak State Park down between Casa Grande and Tucson is also beautiful.


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