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    Default South bound or North bound is the same.

    It's neither here nor there whether you visit Sedona on the way south out of Flagstaff, or northbound out of Phoenix. It is only a short detour, though it will take time to see the sights..


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    Default Alternatively

    Quote Originally Posted by justmemedia View Post
    If I am understanding you correctly, it would be faster to go from Bakersfield through Barstow and Flagstaff to Phoenix,
    If you want to cut off some miles, you could pick up 93 from I-40 to Phoenix, though this is not a divided road. Then visit Sedona on the way to Flagstaff from Phoenix.


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    thanks for the info

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    Quote Originally Posted by justmemedia View Post
    Question: What is an easy route from Sacarament to Phoenix bypassing the major LA metro area?.
    Take CA-58 out of Bakersfield to US-395. Take that south to I-15 toward San Bernardino. At the split, take I-215 to CA-210. Take that east to I-10.

    That's considerably faster than taking I-40 to US-93. Bakersfield to Phoenix can be done in about 8 hours.

    If you want to avoid the Central Valley, you can take I-5 out of Sacto and cut across to CA-99 on CA-46.

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    Glc, thanks. Per the map that is what I was wondering.

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    Just an update:

    I leave in 12 days, and getting so excited.

    Beginning of trip
    3 days in Sacramento with friend. 2 museums (Standford and CA Museum), and a sightseeing of different styles of buildings and art windows.

    Then down to San Bernardino. Will stop at a farm. And have dinner with a friend.

    Then I-10 to Pheonix. And see 3 museums in 2 days.

    Sedona. Staying at a campground.

    Then I-40 and lots of different sites.

    3 days in Santa Fe.

    3 days in OKC. 2 days in Davis OK, and 2 days in the Tahlequah area.

    Will go through Ft Smith down to Vicksburg MS. Where I will be spending a month.

    I am having trouble in trying to decide how to get from Vicksburg to Saginaw to Abilene KS and get to see everything that I want. My zigzaging trip is frustrating me on this point. So, back to the maps to see how to straighten it out a bit more.

    Happy traveling to those who heading out soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justmemedia
    I am VERY open to different styles of food. Trout, or other local food would be a preference.
    Along I-40 west of Albuquerque, you can get real good burgers at the 66 Pit Stop. (Two locations – one at the Rio Puerco exit and another near Laguna Pueblo)

    A few places I can recommend in Santa Fe are:

    La Choza

    The Pantry

    Santa Fe Bite at Garrett’s Desert Inn

    Have fun!

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    WOW! Thank you for the recommendations.

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    I am posting my trip. It is titled Iris' 3 month road trip. I will be including driving times, and sights and places along the way. I have already seen some wonderful parts of the US.

    I hope all of you are having an amazing adventure.

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    If your into an offroad jeep tour while your in Sedona, Pink Jeeps Tour is a fun option as it takes thru the beautiful surrounding red rock country.

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