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    Default Advice for solo traveler?: Washington D.C. to Houston, TX

    Looking for advice for sober 25 year old female first-time solo traveler on a inspirational trip of self-discovery, driving from D.C. to Houston, TX.

    Likes: natural beauty (especially water - lakes, rivers, oceans), history, art, music, meeting new and interesting people, shopping, comfort food, and new/different/weird experiences
    Dislikes: fire ants, alcohol

    I have never driven south of Myrtle Beach. I like to find the cheapest way/best deals to do things and I am not worried about running out of money. No time constraints.

    Any route, destination, attraction suggestions?


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    Welcome to RTA!

    My biggest advice would be to get a map of the US -- such as a Rand McNally atlas (get one at a bookstore or at Wal-Mart) -- and see what looks interesting to YOU between DC and Houston. There is so much between the two that would be worthwhile and come under your list of Likes, that I'd be typing here forever. For instance:

    Love Music? Nashville. Memphis. New Orleans.
    Comfort food? Most of the south has great restaurants with good home-cooking. New Orleans.
    History? Natchez Trace Parkway. New Orleans. Battlefield sites. Huntsville AL (if you like space history).
    Natural beauty? Shenandoah National Park (Skyline Drive). Blue Ridge Parkway. Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

    Grab a map and a bunch of little sticky notes. Start tagging those things you want to see. A route will start to pop up.

    As for "cheapest way/best deals", I highly suggest one of two things get coupon books for hotels for the areas you want to stay at, or join one hotel group (Choice, Best Western, or whatever) and start working on rewards. Also find our Saving Money on the Road forum, as there are some really good tips for how to travel on a budget. '

    We're here if you have further questions, need for more help, or whatever!


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    Default Solo experiences.

    Erin, another solo female traveller here. There are a few thoughts. Firstly, as above, get some good maps of the route you will be travelling. Do not be tempted to rely on your electronics. Make a point of picking your route from your maps.

    I choose to stay mostly at mom and pop motels, which are usually cheaper than those mentioned above, the coupon books you find along the way at rest areas, will have most of them. They are usually older than what you see at the chains. When checking in, be sure to check the room before committing. Besides cleanliness check that the smoke alarm has not been disabled and make sure the door has a lock which cannot be opened from the outside.

    As well as getting your car checked over by your mechanic, be sure to have some roadside assistance, such as AAA, in case of any eventuality. At AAA maps are free to members. These maps have many attractions marked on them, that it will pay to sit down and have a good look at them, before you leave.

    One way I like to meet people along the way is choosing a table where there is another lone diner, and ask if you may join them. Try to find someone who is NOT fiddling with their electronics. When shopping, choose the checkout with a long line, and interact with the folk in front and behind. There are so many opportunities. At the pump, at rest areas, in cafe's, etc. It is also a nice idea to carry a few postcards from home with a thank you message on the back, to give to folk who come forward when you need any type of help, be it with the car, finding a place to eat or when you have taken the wrong turn. Most folk appreciate some consideration.

    Have a safe trip


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    You can see the "Old" Florida along Florida's "Forgotten Coast." This would be along where the panhandle joins the peninsula.

    We especially like Appalachicola.

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    Hi Erin,

    i am new at this site and i was actually looking for somweone travelling from DC to NOla, as can see above Donna already suggested you to visit nEw Orleans!if you ll ended up changing your route and coming to Nola-let me know, we can host you for a few nights(live in uptown on ST Charles-nice area , close to everything!), and in exchnage i ll ask to bring box of my clothes from DC which friend of mine has(its a medium size box and ship it cost 79$)
    let me know what do you think, ll glad to help anyway!!
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