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    I concur with glc. At 3100 miles, this is not going to be any "45 hours". Google assumes that you can drive the speed limit (or higher) without stopping for fuel, traffic, to eat, go to the bathroom, or stretching. When we crossed the US, starting in CA heading east, it took us 6 days, driving about 500 miles per day. That was in the summer months and we didn't have to worry about the weather spitting snow or ice on us. With weather possibly causing issues, I'd allow a week, as glc suggested.


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    Default Safety over schedule.

    Wonder if anyone has done it in less than 5 days and experience related to it.
    When I was relocating cars for folk who had moved from coast to coast, we were always given 10 days for the trip. The company's professional drivers had to do it in five days - for safety's and by law.

    For an amatuer who does not regularly do this run, it would be a gruelling trip, especially in the short daylight hours of winter. Anyone who tried it, may no longer be here to tell of their experiences.

    Allow the time required, even if that ends up being more than a week. Put safety before schedule, take note of all the above advice, and make it as enjoyable a trip as moving trip like this can be.


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