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  1. Default Vegas to San Fransisco in early April

    I'm a musician and I'm travelling from the UK to Las Vegas on 2nd April to perform at the Viva Las Vegas show. My girlfriend is coming with me and while we're there we plan to get married in Vegas. I'm playing on April 5th and we've booked a hotel in San Fransisco for the 8th (but I could probably change that). We're thinking to leave Vegas on the 6th and we're looking for a nice stop off point on the way.
    The hotel in San Fransisco is quite costly so we're looking for something which is fairly low cost.
    I've been told that we shouldn't miss the Big Sur coast road, so we were wondering if Santa Monica would be a recommended stop off?
    We were considering Yosemite, but I'm not sure if it's good for a short stay.
    We're open to suggestions, so any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    Default No poor choice.

    Hello, welcome and congratulations !

    Yosemite and the coast are both viable options and for me, it would Yosemite. The mountains will still have snow up top and the waterfalls will be flowing. The coast is amazing though, so it will be a case of what has the strongest pull for yourselves. It seems that you are planning 2 stops between LV and SF [?] so you could also consider driving across Death Valley whatever you decide. If you decided on the coast, I would look at staying arond Cambria and then enjoy the scenery around Big Sur to Monterey.

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