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  1. Default Northern VA to New Orleans area in the Fall of 2015

    Hey, I'm looking for recommendations for thing to go see/do in the New Orleans area. I will be driving from NOVA to NO and meeting up with a friend who will be flying in from Omaha and we will probably spend about a week in the NO area. We are also thinking of branching to other areas of LA and maybe TX but am not sure of what there is. When I look at tourism sites there is so much listed but nothing to really help determine what would be worth going to see and what would be a complete waste of time. We both love history (historical sites), nature, animals and outdoors stuff (hiking and camping). I am really into photography as well so places that are good for photos would be great as well. Any ideas anyone could provide would be great, thanks in advance!

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    Welcome to RTA!

    My husband and I had plans to visit New Orleans, though that trip (unfortunately) never happened. I also have a good friend who lived there, and she offered the following as "should see, if interested":

    Interested in Music? (My husband and I are, definitely.) New Orleans Jazz Historical Park. Of course the whole French Quarter, particularly Bourbon Street.

    Steamboat Natchez, if you'd like to take a brief tour on "THE" River.

    The French Market.

    A church worth photographing: Cathedral-Basilica of St. Louis King of France.

    The Audubon Zoo.

    Take a drive up the Natchez Parkway.

    Just for the record, though -- what might be a waste of time for you, may be of complete fascination to me. And vice versa.


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    Thanks, any suggestions are great. They'll help us narrow stuff down at least and there may be some suggestions that I wouldn't find just searching around the internet.

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