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    Default The time has finally come!

    Hi guys!

    I have explored these forums for several years getting ever more excited by the tales and experiences of you well travelled bunch!

    Well after dreaming about it for many years I am finally heading to the states for my first proper road state side road trip!

    Flying into LAX 01/14/15 and fly back to the UK on 04/08/15 (Just spent 5 mins working out how to make the dates US friendly ;) )

    Got a mustang (obviously!) for a quick blast too and from Vegas then it will be a case of picking up the camper and hitting the open road.

    We'll have the camper for a total of 70 days and I would love you guys' input on the proposed route, perhaps I have over looked something or you know something that simply cannot be missed I'd love to know!

    San Diego
    Phoneix (want to be there by Jan 31st in time for the super bowl!)
    Santa Fe
    Grand Canyon
    Zion National Park
    Salt Lake City
    Bonneville Salt Flats
    Lake Tahoe
    San Fran
    San Jose
    Wind down that beautiful Pacific coast line!
    Back to LA for a few nights before flying back out.

    Really want to see the great parks and any further resources for camp plots you might have would be awesome.

    I guess first queries should be about the route making sure it's doable in the time without rushing too much then see what might get suggested.

    Oh and final thing is any weather pointers you might have for this time of year and the places to be visited would be great I'm coming from UK winter but girlfriend is arriving from Thai Land so might need a new wardrobe?!

    Thanks guys look forward to hearing from you!

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    Default Camping and Yellowstone in winter/Spring.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    A camper van in January/Febuary will certainly be a challenge ! Yellowstone doesn't really open up fully to traffic untill from mid-May to beginning of June and even March would be very limited. You could look at spending more time around the Grand canyon and Utah to include Monument valley, plus Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef and Bryce canyon NP's and even Mesa Verde in Colorado, but I'm not sure putting all those miles on your trip to Yellowstone with such limited access would be worth it.

    It's also worth noting that rarely does a camper [RV] work out cheaper than a car and motels and at the time you are travelling the latter could be a better bet.

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    You will also have the issue of "winterizing" the RV. This means no usable water and no flushable toilet. If it's not winterized, the water tanks will freeze and cause damage.

    I don't think you realize how cold and snowy it is in the mountains, even in March and April!

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    Thanks for the replies already cost isn't a huge factor on this have already booked a good deal for a camper.

    Point taken about Yellowstone, maybe there are some specialist tours up there that time of year?

    glc, from the above where would you avoid based on possibilities of extreme weather?

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    Default Be prepared.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Scott View Post
    where would you avoid based on possibilities of extreme weather?
    It is not so much as where would you avoid, as being aware of possible condition, and being prepared for them.

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