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    Orange County Wallkill, New York

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    Yes, I knew that Grand Canyon is further North from I-10. The plan was to start heading toward 1-10 after visiting Grand Canyon first and then Sedona and not originally from Los Angeles. I didn't specify because I wanted to make it brief. I see now that I have to be specific, lol. Sorry.

    I definitely want to visit Grand Canyon and Sedona so that is why I'm willing to make that detour. And I definitely want to visit New Orleans. I know New Orleans is at the very southern tip (which annoys me because New York is up North but I do want to visit).

    After having read what you and others have written, I might change my mind and just take direct route after Arizona (I still want to visit Grand Canyon and Sedona no matter what). Louisiana can wait.

    This trip is really just to get back home to New York and I thought to kill two birds with one stone kinda thing by visiting places I haven't been yet but always wanted to.

    I came to LA over a year ago. Took the Northern Route: 1-80, 1-70 etc, etc passing through PA, OH, IN, IL, IA, NE, CO, UT, NV). I drove to LA in September though so weather was perfect. If I were to take this route again (Northern) in December, I'm just concerned about snow. That's why I was looking into Southern route and trying to make the best of it by visiting Louisiana also. Now that I'm hearing Southern route can get snow and ice too, and that the response clean up time may not be as quick concerns me even more.

    I think I'll visit Grand Canyon and Sedona and from there I'll follow my GPS' direct route (whatever that may be) back to New York :/ Sounds boring, I know but too complicated for me to plan everything out on my own. I just wish I had someone to do all the driving/planning for me, while I sit back and relax, lol.

    I really appreciate everyone's responses. Very helpful :)

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    Thanks, Donna

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    Orange County, New York. Wallkill near Middletown, NY

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    The most efficient route avoiding major mountains and known high snow areas is as follows:

    I-15 north out of LA to I-40 east to Oklahoma City. I-44 to St. Louis, I-70 to Columbus, I-71 to I-76 to I-80 to I-81 to I-84 to NY-208.

    This is 2800 miles and in good weather will take a minimum of 5 days. This will take you right past the Grand Canyon.

    If you really want to go via New Orleans, you will have to forego the Grand Canyon and it will add 450 miles. Take I-10 all the way to NOLA, then I-59 to Chattanooga, I-75 to I-40 to I-81, then I-84 to NY-208. This makes it a 6 day trip minimum.

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    Thanks, GLC.

    Why am I not notified automatically by email or some sort of alert when I get a response on this thread? Weird.

    The first route you mentioned is what sounds more likely for me. Plus it gets me to Grand Canyon which is top priority. This really sums up everything. Thank you!

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    Default Could be a bug -- did you subscribe to this thread?

    Quote Originally Posted by nylioness View Post
    Why am I not notified automatically by email or some sort of alert when I get a response on this thread? Weird.
    You can be -- you need to "subscribe" to this thread and then you will get notifications -- unless you are saying that you did subscribe and the notifications are not happening? If that is the issue, I will look into this.


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    Default Maps and peace of mind.

    Quote Originally Posted by Midwest Michael View Post
    At this point, until you start looking at some maps, ...
    Among the best maps available are those from AAA (free to members). If you are not already a member I would urge you to take out a roadside assistance membership before this trip. It could pay you to take out a premium membership. Small price to pay for peace of mind in the case of any breakdown along the way. Great help not only for mechanical breakdowns, but should you have a flat tyre or lock your keys in the car.

    You should get a map of the complete USA to give you the overview you so obviously need. Then get a map of every State through which you will be travelling. It is also handy to have a detailed map of places like New Orleans or any other major urban area you will pass through. All free from AAA to members.

    Whatever you do, do NOT rely on your technology alone. Many have done so at their peril. Good paper maps and the ability to read them should be your primary tool for navigating.


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