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    Default Need Help! Southwestern Ontario to Revelstoke, BC (through USA)


    My boyfriend and I are moving to Revelstoke, BC from London, ON, and are hoping to make the trip in 3 days (tight I know but we are pressed for time). We are planning on crossing the border from Ontario in Sarnia, linking up to the 1-94 through Wisconsin/Minnesota/North Dakota, going north to US Route 2 through Montana, before heading up to Calgary. We need cheap accommodations along the way, I assume that will be fine on the 1-94, but I'm worried about approaching the US Route 2 without any reservations, any experiences out there? I'm not looking for any nice stops along the way (we won't have time) but any tips on getting out there cheap and quickly would be appreciated!

    Thanks :)

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    Default You need at least an extra day, maybe more.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I can't help you with lodging recommendations other than to say you can use the RTA travel link to the right of each page to get an idea of costs. What I can tell you that this is a minimum of a 4 day drive and that's if the weather co-operates, if it doesn't you maight need even longer. Trying to cover close to 800 miles on any one day is tough going and further than we would recommend, but then to do it all again the next day and the day after is going to leave you exhausted and unsafe to be in charge of vehicle, that is why professional drivers are limited to what they can do by law. So plan on covering 550-600 miles [900-950 km ] per day over 4 days and see where that would put you for lodging towns. If you push too hard on day one when you are fresh you will suffer on the next two legs, it's a marathon not a sprint.

    Have a safe trip.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Whoa, I'm sorry. Trying to make this drive in 3 days is near suicidal. You may be pressed for time but you really need to allow 5 days to make the trip!

    There are no cheap accommodations on I-94 anywhere between eastern ND and eastern MT because of the oil boom. Prices are up and availability is tight.

    My software shows the FASTEST route is leaving I-94 at Jamestown, taking US-281 to US-52 through Minot and to the border, crossing at North Portal, then 39 to Moose Jaw.

    You might be able to do this in 4 days without killing yourselves, you would probably be looking at 12 hours a day on the road. 3 evenly spaced overnights would be in Madison WI, Jamestown ND, and Moose Jaw.

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