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  1. Default San Diego to Grand Canyon to Las Vegas to SD? Need route advice...airports, car renta

    I am planning a trip that will have me in San Diego by noon on Monday April 13. I will be traveling with my 14 year old son who does not mind long road trips! So I plan on flying home late in the day on the 18th.

    I would like to visit some sites in San Diego then possibly head up to the Grand Canyon, Vegas and then back to San Diego. So I have a couple of questions….

    What do you think of this trip considering my time constraint?
    I am pretty flexible as to which airports I can fly in and out of…I don’t necessarily have to land in San Diego – although I do need to visit there as this is my sons favorite sports team. I could land fly in or out of any airports along this loop. Suggestions?

    I was thinking of spending 1.5 days at the Grand Canyon and another 1.5 in Vegas…good idea? Would a 14 year old enjoy those 2 places? He is very hip….

    Please let me know of any roads or sites that are a must see along the way…..Also does anyone know which car rental companies allow you to return car to a different destination (state)..

    Greatly appreciate your comments and suggestions regarding where to fly into and where to fly out of…..and the amount of time to spend at each attraction. Thanks, BB

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    Welcome back!

    Most car rental companies will allow a dropoff in a different city, but there will usually be a surcharge. For airports, the ones that make the most sense are San Diego, Las Vegas, or Phoenix.

    It's a long full day's drive from SD to the GC, best way is via Phoenix. It's about 5 hours from the GC to LV, a little more from LV to SD unless you hit bad traffic.

    How did your last trip go? You never responded to any of the replies.

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    Default SD to LV via GC.

    It will be worth checking out the extra cost [if any] to start in SD and fly back out of Vegas with the time you have. That will give the remainder of the 13th and 14th in SD and the 15th to travel to GC. Spend the 16th and part of the 17th there before heading to LV to spend a night and day before flying out.

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