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    Default Short southwest trip dilemma

    We are taking a shorter trip based out of Vegas from 9/2-9/6. Our dilemma is we can't decide whether to go try to get a permit for coyote buttes north (if that doesn't work we'll go to Zion a couple days and Antelope the other) or to go south to Havasu and hike in to see the three falls. I feel like we would potentially see more if we went the zion route and we do want to hike the full narrows trail as well as the subway trail. But...We are also drawn to the adventure that would result from getting to havasu canyon and back (which is not possible with the small kids we usually travel with but are not this time). Decisions, Decisions and any input is greatly appreciated!


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    Default My vote: hands-down

    Well.... no question which I would choose! I've never been able to get enough of slickrock country and Coyote Buttes North is still on my wish list.

    But all-in-all, all of those choices sound great to me.


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