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  1. Default New York to Los Angeles Road Trip

    Hello Everyone! Happy 4th of July!!

    I'm planning to drive across country with 2 to 3 drivers. I'd like to take a scenic route but not spend too much time off of the road. We have about a week more or less and would like to fit as much fun in those days as we possibly can. Could anyone suggest some "Must-See" activities along the route? I understand there are a few options as far as which direction we may start the Journey. The Northern, Straight through, and the Southern Route.

    Please give suggestions on:

    Which route is best?
    What Items we'll need to survive the trip?
    What are the Best Places to Stop and See?
    How much money should each person Carry (Cash)?

    Thank You For Your Time Have a Happy and Safe Holiday!! :)

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    Default Best is what you make it.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You won't have to much time off the road as it's a minimum 5 day trip with just the basic stops, but you will have time for a little sight seeing that isn't through the windscreen.

    1] Simply put, there is no one single 'best' route or attraction, that is down to the tastes and interests of each and individual/group.

    2] I think you will survive just fine . ;-) If you are taking your own vehicle make sure it is in good shape and up to date with servicing. It's wise to get your tyres, brakes, fluids, belts etc checked out before leaving. Make sure you have a spare wheel and that it's tyre is inflated and you have the tools and know how to change it if need be.

    3] Best is what you and your friends are interested in. You need to sit down together as a group and discuss this and make sure you are all on the same page with regards of what to expect from the trip.

    4] That will depend on a lot of things, the main one being if you also have credit cards for gas and hotel bills etc. To get an idea of gas cost you can use the fuel calculator to the right of each page. Your trip is likely to be around 2800 miles, divide by your vehicle mpg and multiply by $4 per gallon to be on the safe side. It's likely you will add a few more miles with small detours. A room will probably cost you $75 per night although you can find them cheaper and more expensive. [check out the RTA travel link to the right] Eating will depend on if it's out of a cooler, take aways or restaruants but generally just use your experience from home.

    Now if it were me, I would head for I70 through Colorado into Southern Utah while aiming to get to the Denver area in 3 days. That would give a little time to explore some of the natural beauty of the west checking out Arches/Cnayonlands NP staying in Moab UT. I would then probably head through Monument valley on route to the south rim of the Grand canyon NP to spend a little time before continuing to LA. But that's me, you need to sit down with a map and do a little research and see what appeals to you.

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    Default The Eastern Half

    I agree with Dave's general plan for the western portion of your RoadTrip, roughly Denver to Arches through central Colorado, then down past Canyonlands to the Four Corners area, across northern Arizona to the Grand Canyon and on into L.A. But while the eastern half of your trip won't be as visually stunning, it will require some thought that can yield significant returns. Since money is an object (When is it not?) my first suggestion is that you eschew the 'normal' route of using the turnpikes to Chicago. Instead look at I-80 (or even US-6) through northern Pennsylvania, picking up I-76 in eastern Ohio to I-71 and I-70 to Indianapolis. At this point you have a choice. You can stick to the straight and flat I-70 all the way to Denver, or take a (just slightly) slower route: I-74/I-72 to Hannibal MO and then US-36 the rest of the way to Denver. That alternative may 'cost' you a few hours but will let you see some of the smaller Midwest towns up close as well as get you to two iconic American towns, Hannibal - the home of Mark Twain and Molly Brown; and St. Joseph - the eastern terminus of the Pony Express.

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    Thank you Very Much Southwest Dave & AZBuck!! I will take all your suggestions and put each into consideration! I will also sit and discuss the different options that we'd like to see on our trip. Putting all routes into consideration depending upon where we'd like to go!.
    I appreciate each of you taking the time to reply! Enjoy the rest of your night!!


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    Default Along the way.

    As well as getting the vehicle checked over before your trip, I would recommend that you take out a roadside assistance package with AAA or similar. The cost of one tow would more than cover the cost of the membership. It is cheap insurance for peace if mind along the way.

    If you already have this or will take it out with AAA, make sure you also get a good selection of their maps to cover your trip. You will need these on the road, so may as well get them now. (Don't be tempted to rely solely on your electronics. Many have done so at their peril.)

    Scenic routes and major alternatives to interstates are mostly marked on these maps. Not only will they afford a respite from the interstates, but they will take you through small town America and the open plains where much of the food for the country comes from.

    I-70 west of Denver is probably the most scenic interstate in the country. Allow it some time, and enjoy. You might like to take one recommended detour, and that is US-6 over Loveland Pass. A magnificent drive with spectacular views.


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