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  1. Default Phoenix to Portland, OR and back

    Hi everyone

    We are planning a road trip from Phoenix to Portland, OR and back. This is the first time we are having such long haul road trip with our 4 year old. Planning to do it late July/ early August for 12 days. We plan to go through LA-San Fran-Portland and back. Any suggestion/ recommendation on which route to take, places worth stopping by is appreciated. :)


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    Default Suggestions.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    It would be worth considering heading back through SF and LA, the advantage of travelling the coast heading south is that the ocean will be on your side of the road. You will be spending about half of your available time travelling on this trip but will have some time for sightseeing, but not multiple days in multiple places. An inland route going up could have you going through Death valley across into Yosemite and north up to Crater lake and the Columbia river gorge into Portland. There is also the Grand canyon to consider if you haven't been already. Heading south you could take the coast road from Crescent City and visit the Redwood parks before San Fran and after SF drive around Big Sur to Cambria to LA befor turning for home.

    Do a little research and study your route options and when you have a few dots on the map, thought about how much time you want to spend in Portland etc then we can help piece it together.

  3. Default Bend to Columbia River Gorge, Which route to take ?

    Hi there

    We are travelling with our 4yo next week to Oregon from Phoenix. Columbia river gorge is one of our destination. We will be overnight at Bend and travel to Columbia river gorge from there before arrive in Portland.

    Any advice on which scenic route to take from Bend to Columbia river gorge? Also, any places to stop along the way?

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    Default On my maps....

    My paper maps show 97 and 197 to The Dallas as the route I would choose. At first glance, places which may interest are Crooked River National Grassland, south of Madras and White River Falls State Park north of Maupin. I am sure when you check you may find more places which interest you. Be sure to pick up a State map of Oregon, when you enter the State. State maps often have more local attractions shown.


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    Default Can't Really Go Wrong

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    First off - I'm assuming that you have at least one, and more realistically two, other overnight stop(s) scheduled between Phoenix and Bend. That said, there are a couple of ways to get from Bend to the upper reaches of the Columbia River Gorge for the run down to Portland.

    Perhaps the most scenic is a bit circuitous but would go like this. Start out on US-20 west out of Bend and then, after crossing the Cascades through Santiam Pass, take OR-22 when it branches off to the north. At Detroit turn right onto Breitenbush Road (NF-46 or the West Cascades Scenic Byway) towards Breitenbush. Continue on to a right onto NF-57 toward Timothy Lake (if you find yourself on OR-224, you've gone too far). This becomes NF-42 and will take you the rest of the way to US-26 which you'd follow north (west) to OR-35 to the town of Hood River. Now I know that's a lot of forest roads, but they're all paved and there aren't really that many places to make a wrong turn. Still a good set of maps and some navigational acumen and experience would be in order.

    For something a bit less navigationally challenging, but still scenic, just take US-97 north out of Bent to Madras and US-26 west, and OR-35 north (which goes around the eastern flank of Mount Hooed), again to Hood River. However you get to Hood River, you'll want to follow the old US-30, now called the Historic Columbia Gorge Highway, which will take you by several great waterfalls either right on the road or a short walk back into the forest.


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    Thanks AZBuck! Yes, we will have several overnight stops before Bend.

    From your suggestion above, we are leaning more to option 2. Thanks for the details. Appreciate it.

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    Default Understood

    Can't say as I blame you for sticking with the more mainstream route. Sometimes we inveterate RoadTrippers can get a bit carried away with finding 'new' roads. You'll have a great trip - Enjoy.


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