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    Default Vancouver Island to PEI Canada, via Northern USA


    I am new to this forum, but have searched it and found some great information from everyone here. Some real travelers, Big Hello to all of you.......
    I have a chance to check something off my bucket list, Coast to Coast. I plan to ride my Ultra Glide from Vancouver Canada to PEI Canada, via Northern US.
    I have been riding for years and have done some great rides, 8000km plus (4500mile) trips, but always on the West coast, California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona etc.
    I plan on leaving here Aug 9 2014 and take 10-12 days for the solo ride, some long days and a couple short days. I plan to ride from Vancouver to the Black hills (Sturgis area) then shoot across to Maryville Tennessee (this portion is going to be a grind.) I plan on slowing down here and take the Blueridge parkway North, should be 3-5 days taking most of it in. I will take a look at catching a Red Socks game in and then go North to Georgetown PEI.
    I plan to be off the interstates as much as possible, but realize they do take the time off. The black hills area I will slow down, Mount Rushmore, needles hwy, Bad lands, possibly crazy horse, then make the shot across to Maryvill Tennessee. Oh, will take in the Beartooth hwy on my way to Blackhills.
    I am curious about the traffic on the East coast, never been past Montana and plan to stay away form NY and other large cities.
    I understand the weather from SD to Tennessee is sometimes bad, wondering what the month of August is like.
    Any help, suggestions and tips would be great.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this,



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    Here is a quick plan I had, should have included this first.......
    Vancouver Canada to Coeurd'Alene
    Coeurd' Alene to Livingston MT,
    Livingston MT to Sheridan MT (taking beartooth hwy in)
    Sheridon to Sturgis area,
    Sturgis area to Kansis City (this is the long push across)
    KC to Knoxvill (Maryville)
    Then up through the Blueridge hwy towards Georgetown PEI.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Sturgis to Maryville TN is about 1500 miles -- which is about 3 days on the road, depending on the route you choose. A Grind? It would depend on how you look at it.

    As far as weather is concerned, it's unpredictable. All you can do is look at the weather patterns on various chamber of commerce sites and judge on what was normal. Be prepared for rain, cooler weather, and hot humid temps. I think that's pretty common for planning any summer trip in the Lower 48.

    I'll let others comment on East Coast traffic. We're used to SoCal and anything else is pretty easy to us. :-)


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    Default Those old highways.

    Retired friend of mine who a couple of years ago bought two wheels, has now driven coast to coast and many other trips. He told me recently that he has his gps programmed to avoid interstates. He rides the old US highways and finds them much less stressful than the traffic on the interstates. This was particularly important to him in the New England States.

    You're gonna love the Blue Ridge Parkway, so long as the weather is nice. After taking the Beartooth Hwy from Red Lodge, you might like to take the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway (route 296) to Cody. Another special ride, if you like mountain rides, is Alt US-14 over the Big Horn Mtns, past the Big Horn Canyon and Medicine Wheel.


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    Thanks Donna,
    the Grind part I was looking at 2-3 days....figured if I could grind out 900 km a day I would get there. The only reason I would do that is that it looks like there is not much to see there. unless someone knows of a better way, then I would take more time.....


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    Default There's lots to see everywhere.

    Quote Originally Posted by wadowney View Post
    The only reason I would do that is that it looks like there is not much to see there. unless someone knows of a better way, then I would take more time.....
    Wayne, I am yet to drive a road where there is not much to see. You might like to check out this excellent article.

    Just noticed I have a publication which mentions another - 'A Bikers Guide to Wyoming'. If interested, I'd imagine you can get it from


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    Default A Grind or a Grand

    The difference between a grind and a grand RoadTrip is really just one of attitude. No matter how you go, the miles are pretty much the same. Being able to appreciate the countryside and the local adaptations to it, and to have the ability to stop at will rather than have to wait until the next exit all contribute to of that change in attitude. To that end, let me suggest the following route between Sturgis and Maryville. Start out on US-18/SD-44 across southern South Dakota through Indian reservations, badlands, and farming country to around Sioux City Iowa, then take the Loess Hills Scenic Byway down the left (east) bank of the Missouri and into the state of Missouri. US-36 would then take you over to Hannibal and the Great River Road along the Mississippi down to southern Illinois and finally cut over to Paducah KY and come down through the Land Between the Lakes on The Trace and finish up on TN-52 along the northern part of the state. You'll have to figure out some connecting roads to make that all work, but it would certainly make for something more interesting than "a grind."


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    Thanks for the idea's, will look for some of these roads Buck. I should have used a different word than 'grind', every day on the bike awesome and should not be a grind.

    I have searched the Blue Ridge and viewed it on maps and am really looking forward to it. Never having been out East, I really look forward to everyone's input,


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