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  1. Default car-ride from chicago IL to new jersey

    Hi to everyone :), me and my wife planning for a road trip to new jersey from chicago IL, planning to check out Pittsburg, niagara falls on my way.. can anyone please suggest how we should and what things to plan ?

    i will be hiring a rental car ( most prolly compact one) ,as this should be good for the trip.. planning to headout from chicago on a saturday morng and reach new jersey sometime arnd sunday late evng after checking out pittsburg and niagara falls.

    how should i plan for tolls? can i take my own i-pass ? and we are planning to stay in a motel near by niagara..

    please suggest.

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    Default What's You're Destination?

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Not surprisingly, it is impossible to give anyone directions when we don't know where they're going. 'New Jersey' is simply too being a target to be meaningful in this context. So where are you headed? And while you're at it, you might like to share with us how much time you have for the trip, whether you will be returning to Chicago or just going one way, and what your interests are. All of those would help us give you meaningful, as opposed to shot-in-the-dark advice.


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    Welcome to RTA!

    With only 2 days, you will be very hard pressed to be able to visit both Pittsburgh and Niagara Falls. That's really at least a 3 day trip. With only 2 days, pick one or the other, and even then you will have very little time to "check out" either place.

    Chicago to Niagara Falls is 10 hours (plus possible border crossing delays) via Canada (permission from the rental company and passports required) or 10.5 hours via I-90 all the way. Add an hour for the time zone change.

    Chicago to Pittsburgh is 7 hours via the toll roads. Add an hour for the time zone change.

    Niagara Falls to Pittsburgh (or opposite) is 4 hours.

    Pittsburgh to NJ is at LEAST 6 hours, depending on where in NJ.

    Niagara Falls to NJ is at LEAST 7 hours, depending where in NJ.

    You should bring your own I-Pass, you will need to access your account online and add the license plate number of the rental car.

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    hey i apologize for not so complete information from my post..

    we heading to friends place in jersey city, NJ for long weekend, so planning to start on saturday 28th morning and tentative plan is to reach jersey city on 29th late evening. and will be driving back to chicago on starting july 5th evening or july 6th morning

    on our way, we planning to check Niagara and then head out to NJ and after reading the sugegstions i believe its better to plan pittsburg on our way back?


    thanks for your reply :)

    we changed our plans ,as we will be driving back to chicago after july4th weekend, so will plan to check pittsburg during our drive back.. and i-pass sugegstion surely helps...

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