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    Default Not Quite Death by GPS, but......

    So every once and a while we hear about someone putting themselves in an extreme amount of danger, driving down a closed mountain road or something like that, because they were blindly following a GPS. While not nearly as dangerous - a truck driver in Milwaukee just did something even more unbelievable: He drove a semi down a park's hiking path - going over two pedestrian bridges in the process - before getting stuck! And yes, he blamed his GPS.

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    Default I can relate.

    This incident happened after dark (according to the video), when it is difficult to relate to familiar landmarks (though there is no excuse for ignoring signs)..

    I too experienced a couple of hair raising incidents by following my gps in the dark.... when lost. One such incident ended with being rescued by law enforcement after a call to 911. The first thing the officer did was to see which way the gps was configured. When I apologised for bothering them, he told me it happens much more often than one would think.... in fact far too often.

    I have not used a gps since.

    Even though I try to avoid driving after dark, there were times when I found myself not quite at my destination, at sundown. Each time I found the gps useless on unfamiliar rural roads.


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