No doubt that some of you are watching your news and seeing reports of all the fires in San Diego County. Yup, again (like in 2003 and 2007), we have a number of fires burning today. There are at least 6 different fires in the County. Some areas are either under evacuation orders, and in others, we have been told to stay off of the freeways. Many school districts in the County have canceled school for tomorrow, just to keep people off the highways, save electricity and water for the firefighting efforts, and to prevent the need for a quick evacuation. The area in which I teach has been hit by fire in '03 and '07, so ours were canceled just because the winds can shift very quickly and make us evacuate. (Do I mind an unplanned day off? Of course not! though the reasoning is unnerving.)

Anyway, my family and I are all safe.