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    Driving from Kansas City to Los Angeles mid May. Would like the trip to take no longer than 3 days. Trying to decide between I-70 to I-15, through Colorado and Utah, or I-40, through Arizona and New Mexico. Any advice or pros and cons between the two routes would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    Welcome to RTA!

    This is a common trip for us -- or something similar (San Diego to mid-Missouri). Three days is going to be hard driving, 550 miles per day or thereabout. Those two routes only have 80 miles difference, so it depends on what you're looking for!

    Personally, we prefer I-70 to I-15, because it's one of the most scenic interstates in the country. Catch your first overnight in Denver. Once you get to Denver, you climb into the Rockies and pass through some gorgeous mountains and ski areas (Vail, and so far). There are so many rest areas that are worth stopping at in this area! Then you go into the Glenwood Canyon area, with its engineering marvel, the hanging freeway. Once again, plenty of rest areas to stop at. In the area of Grand Junction, there are wineries -- we've never stopped, but we have stopped at a fruit stand or two. Definitely fuel up here, both for fuel and food. Once you pass Green River, there's no services for 108 miles, till you get to Salina, UT. Between Green River and Salina is the San Rafael Swell, another stark beautiful place. You could spend your second night in either Richfield or Beaver, UT. On the third day, you'll have the Virgin River Gorge (where I-15 crosses through the NW corner of AZ) and Las Vegas to pass through.

    I-35 down to I-40 is pretty in its own way, just not as gorgeous. If you want to drive a little bit on old Rt 66, this would be the way to go. You could also take a few extra miles off (at the expense of a slower trip) by taking US-54 at Wichita all the way to eastern NM. We found that western NM and all of Arizona were really pretty. We used this route one year on the way home so that we could stop and visit a friend of ours in Albuquerque.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    I-70 to I-15 is shorter and faster. It is in fact a 3 day drive, overnights around Denver and Richfield, Beaver, or Cedar City UT. It's also considerably more scenic.

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    Default No comparison.

    If you won't have time for sightseeing on this trip, then I-70, I-15 is for you. You can do all your sightseeing along through the windscreen. It is one of the most scenic interstates in the country. Most of the rest areas are scenic stops in themselves.

    Enjoy the drive.


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