- with apologies to Willie Nelson.

Forty-four hours after landing in Ft Lauderdale it was time to hit the road in a rental car and pick up my van north of Bonifay FL. As always, I had booked the cheapest/smallest car with Budget. This time I was given a Mitsubishi Outlander with a four wheel drive option. Not that I was going to need it on I-95 and I-10. Nice car though. (Picked up Ft Lauderdale, dropped Tallahassee Regional Airport $42.20)

My Ford had been well looked after with both batteries in good condition. One tyre had needed a top up a couple of times during my absence, and it was suggested maybe I should have it looked at.

Twenty eight miles away at FJ in Dothan AL I asked for someone to check all my tyres, and make sure they were up to the required pressure. It was then I was told/shown where the air was coming out of one tyre as quickly as it was being put in. The local tyre shop put the spare on and sold me a used tyre to have as a spare. That at least would get me to Joplin.

The run to Joplin was incident free and most enjoyable - a weekend on lightly travelled interstates. One day I plan to have sufficinent time to check out the many attractions posted along these highways.

All necessary repairs and maintenance had already been organised. Now a new set of tyres was added to that list. Four days later I was able to hit the road with a full service, new tyres, windscreen, brakes, rotors and who knows what more. Even a new radio/cassette tape player. She's as good as new.

Besides visiting family and friends, who knows what adventures she will be undertaking this year. Suffice that a visit to Boston is top of the list.